How can I make a cool video advertisement for short money?

I see a lot of ads that feel really low budget when they don’t have to…

The ad below is proof that using iMovie, some photos, some videos and some slides (made in any program that can make jpgs) can make a professional-looking video.

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Fun Friday: Ever thought of using a neon male stripper in your ads?

That’s right, it is FUN FRIDAY! Let’s have a little fun with this post: French water company, Contrex, used a little creativity and frivolity in their latest ad campaign. They used a neon male stripper… that’s right, I said NEON MALE STRIPPER.  Continue reading

How do I build a value proposition?

Before making any investment or purchase, we measure the service’s/product’s value. We want to be sure it is worth what we are about to pay. A business, especially one that is service-based, needs to have a clear “value proposition”: services and benefits associated with the service/product. Continue reading

Why should I use YouTube for my business?

“Why should I use YouTube for my business?” I hear that question a lot.

Did you know that YouTube is used as a search engine by millions of people? That’s right. When researching a topic, they go to YouTube. It is a much more interactive tool than many others. The use of YouTube is on the rise, too. Check out some of these stats: Continue reading

But do I really need social media for my business?

“But do I really need social media to promote my business?” I hear this question a lot. I guess the best way to answer this is with another question: Do your clients use social media?

Recent statistics count the number of Facebook users to be around 750 million, give or take a million (but, what’s a million users between friends?). I would venture to guess that your clients are on Facebook. Continue reading