Taking your business marketing to the next level

When marketing your business, it is important to use persistance, patience and personal contact. I cannot emphasize the personal part enough. You can use every new marketing tool – wrap yourself in electronics, sending signals at every moment – and you will not generate the activity that you would by talking with people every week. These can be cold calls, or calls to former clients to just check in. You can join a local business group, a neighborhood association or a charity. Show up. Meet people. Pass out business cards. Offer advice.

In between those personal points of contact, there are some great ways to keep reaching out to larger groups. Below are some cheap or free ways to do so. This is meant to be “part two” to an earlier post containing a¬†small business marketing basics checklist. Continue reading


How about a simple Thank You? Thank You notes are good marketing.

Thank you card from Goosefish PressI received an envelope in the mail today. When I opened it, there was a Thank You card inside. The message inside was from the salesman I dealt with at Hunt’s Camera when I bought my video dslr. The opening line was, “Your business is important to us at Hunt’s Photo.” Well, I believe it.

It took that salesman about 5 minutes and cost him probably $2 (including postage) to send that card to me. But, it made an impression. It was a thoughtful gesture. (And I am now telling you about this – acting as a talking billboard for them.)

While Hunt’s was probably started as a “retail” company, it is clear to me that Continue reading