4 Ways to discover untapped resources

untapped resources for marketing and productivityA successful person is someone who uses their resources to their fullest potential. But, most of us don’t even know what we have available to us. This is one of the most common mistakes that I see when dealing with clients. In most cases, they are not even fully aware of what resources they have. They pay dues to an organization that offers classes, discounts, networking events or other items they don’t use. They leave hundreds of dollars worth of marketing materials sit in their desk drawer. They use a $1500+ computer just to surf the internet. They use a $300 smartphone for phone calls, alone. All of this ends up costing them in wasted time and diminished productivity.

So, are you using all of YOUR resources?

Discover untapped resources

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A picture on Pinterest is worth a thousand words… or 66.7 Twitter messages.

marketing your business with pinterestPinterest. Okay, I said it. Now you can go ahead and complain about the fact that there is yet ANOTHER social media site you are supposed to check. Go ahead… Complain… I’ll wait…

Done? Good. Let’s get started.

As you have noticed, (or will soon notice) Pinterest is like an interactive magazine. Pictures are front and center. You can copy an article from a friend and pin it on your own board (it is called re-pinning). It is full of photos, cleanly designed, intuitive to use and viral as all heck. Early reports are showing incredible user engagement numbers for a relatively new site. But are we really surprised?

What makes Pinterest so darn sexy?

Pinterest seems to have successfully blended the fast-moving nature of Twitter with the social aspects of Facebook and the photo-centered approach of smarter retail sites. Let’s explore how Continue reading

5 Free services to benefit your business

Free business servicesIt has been a while since I’ve used one of my favorite four-letter “F” words in this blog: FREE. In this day and age of online marketing, social media and website management, there are many free services that can benefit your business and/or simplify your life. Below is a review of some of my favorites.

Google apps & analytics

For managing your email, getting free spreadsheet/word processing done, and storing files in the cloud, there is no better overall solution than Google Apps.

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Don’t delegate your company’s social media

social media shouldn't be delegatedLast year I met one of the editors of Dwell magazine. (If you haven’t read Dwell, please pick one up at the store. It is bea-u-ti-ful!) Anyhow, she told me that she managed the social media accounts for her magazine. I was surprised. I had heard of so many companies hiring out their social media or giving it to an intern. She was the first true company leader I’d met who was Tweeting, Facebooking, and such.

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Taking your business marketing to the next level

When marketing your business, it is important to use persistance, patience and personal contact. I cannot emphasize the personal part enough. You can use every new marketing tool – wrap yourself in electronics, sending signals at every moment – and you will not generate the activity that you would by talking with people every week. These can be cold calls, or calls to former clients to just check in. You can join a local business group, a neighborhood association or a charity. Show up. Meet people. Pass out business cards. Offer advice.

In between those personal points of contact, there are some great ways to keep reaching out to larger groups. Below are some cheap or free ways to do so. This is meant to be “part two” to an earlier post containing a small business marketing basics checklist. Continue reading