Small business marketing basics checklist

I can’t tell you how many times I try to find a small business online and Google returns no results. This is not Google’s fault; it is not even the business owner’s fault; it is just how the system works — someone has to enter the data. However, knowing how the system works, it falls on the business owner to do at least a few simple things to be found and grow. Some basic, inexpensive methods with nurture a business into the future.

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7 Tips to get the best of your email marketing (or to start doing it)

Email marketing makes a kitty tired

Whether you are a real estate agent, a restauranteur or an interior decorator, your “sphere of influence” (friends, family, past clients, colleagues) is your best source of new business. In fact, many of my clients can trace 60-80% of their business back to their “sphere”. Your “sphere” may require your services/products or they may recommend your services/products to their friends. Email marketing allows you to reach out to these people regularly and at a low cost or at no cost — my favorite prices. I am also fond of the fact that email marketing has “legs” — it keeps going after you have sent it out because your recipients can easily forward it. That second or third tier of recipients are presumably even better leads, as the initial recipient believes it to be relevant to them.

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Fun Friday: Can humor be part of your marketing?

hubspot humorIf you are a funny person, why not include humor in your marketing? Well, you have to make sure you do it well. Not every business benefits from humor and you’d want to be careful not to devalue your brand or service with humor. But there are a few that do it well. Take a look at these 3 companies… Continue reading