24 Tasks completed with iPhone apps

24 tasks with iphone appsSo, you spent between $99 and $299 on an iPhone. I bet you want to get your money’s worth. I know I do. With my iPhone, I have…

  1. taken photos – The most fun camera apps are Hipstamatic and Photosynth by Microsoft. Now I know you are thinking, “Microsoft made an iPhone app??? and it’s COOL???” You need to see it to believe it.
  2. edited photos – PS (Photoshop) Express is pretty darn neat.
  3. created and edited videos – You can use the iMovie to get fancy or the native camera app just to shorten videos.
  4. blogged, tweeted and facebooked – I love WordPress. But, the native apps for Twitter and Facebook are also very good.
  5. dictated a document – Dragon dictation software can allow you to blog or compose emails while you do the dishes or dust (not vacuuming – that is too noisy). I love multitasking.
  6. shared word processing files – Google Apps is part of the Google app (say that 5 times really fast). You can create or share files from your Apps account.
  7. checked the weather in Reykjavik – I like the native Weather app for international or national weather (different cities) and the Weather.com app for my local weather. Continue reading

4 Ways to discover untapped resources

untapped resources for marketing and productivityA successful person is someone who uses their resources to their fullest potential. But, most of us don’t even know what we have available to us. This is one of the most common mistakes that I see when dealing with clients. In most cases, they are not even fully aware of what resources they have. They pay dues to an organization that offers classes, discounts, networking events or other items they don’t use. They leave hundreds of dollars worth of marketing materials sit in their desk drawer. They use a $1500+ computer just to surf the internet. They use a $300 smartphone for phone calls, alone. All of this ends up costing them in wasted time and diminished productivity.

So, are you using all of YOUR resources?

Discover untapped resources

One of the first ways to discover your resources Continue reading

Why Blackberry is being read its “last rites” or why you need to trade in your Blackberry

blackberry tombstoneI know a bunch of you cringed when you saw the title of this post — I get it, I really do. You love your Blackberry — the buttons, the messenger, that little trackball… But it doesn’t change the fact that you are carrying around an obsolescent device and will soon feel the pain of being forced to change.

Blackberry: A dinosaur walks among us

So, what happened to Blackberry and its parent company RIM? For those of you who don’t know about RIM (Research in Motion) Continue reading

3 Tips for learning on-the-go with podcasts

Many of us lead busy lives and have difficulty finding time to learn new things. Some of our time is spent commuting or cleaning or doing other things that require our physical selves, but leave our brains wandering. If you would like to use that time to learn, you could listen to podcasts.

A podcast is an episode, modeled after a radio-style program, that can be a class, a regular program, a one-off discussion or any other format. Many radio stations even offer programs for podcast download. You can individually download them for later listening on your iPhone, iPod, Android or other device. You can also subscribe to them and your music/podcast software will keep them up to date. I prefer to use a third-party service to keep them current.

  1. What to listen to? You can search for podcasts based on your interests. Continue reading

6 Reasons not to use Flash

adobe abandons flashSome of you may have read or heard today that Adobe has abandoned Flash and is backing html 5. And many of you might be saying, “so, what the heck does that mean???” Read my brief (and mildly entertaining) history below.

What this means to all of us is that if we are using Flash on our websites, we should stop. There are many reasons not to use flash. Here are a few:

  1. It doesn’t work on iPhones (and we know that audience is growing) Continue reading