is new and live!

Boston, Lowell and Chelmsford Real Estate WebsiteThe world of real estate websites has changed dramatically from the days when you just had to post your own listings and have a webpage with your agent’s names and photos. As consumers, we all expect much more.

Broker/Owner of Bettencourt Real Estate, Marco Bettencourt, recently decided he needed to improve his site to help his clients get more out of it. He opted to use the Sequoia platform from Boston Logic, which features mapped searches with integrated Yelp and information, on-site Zillow stats, and luxury building pages.

The site only launched this morning — but, let me share a couple of numbers with you:

  • On the HubSpot marketing grader, the old earned a grade of 22.
  • As of one hour after launch, the new site improved it to 63. That was just the change to the website (in other words, using a better platform and features) – no added social media accounts or backlinking or blogging, all of which will improve the score in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for updates. I think this is going to be a fun story.


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