5 Free services to benefit your business

Free business servicesIt has been a while since I’ve used one of my favorite four-letter “F” words in this blog: FREE. In this day and age of online marketing, social media and website management, there are many free services that can benefit your business and/or simplify your life. Below is a review of some of my favorites.

Google apps & analytics

For managing your email, getting free spreadsheet/word processing done, and storing files in the cloud, there is no better overall solution than Google Apps.

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Is there a professional-looking free email service?

free professional-looking email serviceThat’s right — this post is about using a professional-looking email address and finding a reliable company that offers it for free. You might ask why this is important: Your email address is a part of your business’s marketing. It should communicate your brand. If it looks unprofessional, so does its user. Continue reading