Learn 10 ways to use client testimonials

client testimonialsFirst, do you need client testimonials? Well, when trying to attract new clients, it is a challenge to communicate the strengths of your business and earn their trust. A client testimonial does that. And the best part is that it is done from a more “editorial” standpoint than from an advertising standpoint. This gives people, wary from the 24/7 advertising machine, a sense of truth in the message. Continue reading


Fun Friday: Ever thought of using a neon male stripper in your ads?

That’s right, it is FUN FRIDAY! Let’s have a little fun with this post:¬†French water company, Contrex, used a little creativity and frivolity in their latest ad campaign. They used a neon male stripper… that’s right, I said NEON MALE STRIPPER.¬† Continue reading

What do I post on my social media sites? Learn 5 ways to create dynamic social media content

How to create dynamic social media contentSo you have successfully signed up for Facebook, Twitter, a blog or other social media accounts. Now what do you post? Creating dynamic social media content isn’t as hard as you might think. And it might only take you 5-15 minutes per day. The most important thing is to BE SOCIAL. Continue reading

How do I build a value proposition?

Before making any investment or purchase, we measure the service’s/product’s value. We want to be sure it is worth what we are about to pay. A business, especially one that is service-based, needs to have a clear “value proposition”: services and benefits associated with the service/product. Continue reading

Why should I use YouTube for my business?

“Why should I use YouTube for my business?” I hear that question a lot.

Did you know that YouTube is used as a search engine by millions of people? That’s right. When researching a topic, they go to YouTube. It is a much more interactive tool than many others. The use of YouTube is on the rise, too. Check out some of these stats: Continue reading