5 Free services to benefit your business

Free business servicesIt has been a while since I’ve used one of my favorite four-letter “F” words in this blog: FREE. In this day and age of online marketing, social media and website management, there are many free services that can benefit your business and/or simplify your life. Below is a review of some of my favorites.

Google apps & analytics

For managing your email, getting free spreadsheet/word processing done, and storing files in the cloud, there is no better overall solution than Google Apps.

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5 Free cloud storage options for file transfer or back-up

cloud storage optionsHow many times have you wanted to send a large document or photo to a client, colleague or friend, only to be stopped by your email size limit or theirs? Or how many times have you lost or broken or crashed your computer and lost all of the files? Well, there are several free services that allow you to transfer files or store your information online without running into the same problems. Here are 5 services you can try: Continue reading