Your marketing message should be about “them”, not you

“Me, me, me. My, my, my.” That is all a recipient sees and hears when you talk about your company in your marketing. Classic examples of this are the photo of the service provider on the front of the card with a message that is all about what the company has achieved.

What if instead the company communicated the “benefits” of their services? What if they offered an answer to a problem that the recipient is likely having? Suddenly the company is speaking the recipient’s language – after all, the company is now talking about the recipient! This is a quick list of questions to ask yourself when thinking about the content of your marketing.

Making your marketing message about your audience

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Teaching as a marketing endeavor – 10 steps to offering a successful class

teaching as a marketing endeavorYou read the title of this and thought, “What? How can I use teaching as a marketing endeavor?” Well, I’ll tell you: You, as a professional in your industry, have skills and knowledge that others would like to have. By sharing those skills or that knowledge, you can connect with new people or deepen your connection to current clients. Here are some examples of how to do that: