Partnering for marketing success and better ROI

Partnering for better ROI

This sailing team works together to pull off difficult tasks.

There are lots of parts of building a small business that are solitary and necessarily so. But, there are lots of things that can be done by partnering with other people or businesses. In many cases, both parties (and the clients) may benefit from the partnership. Here are a few examples of ways in which different companies/people can partner to lighten their workloads, save money, increase their audiences, or enhance their services.

1. Working with a marketing partner

A marketing partnership is when two companies Continue reading


Taking your business marketing to the next level

When marketing your business, it is important to use persistance, patience and personal contact. I cannot emphasize the personal part enough. You can use every new marketing tool – wrap yourself in electronics, sending signals at every moment – and you will not generate the activity that you would by talking with people every week. These can be cold calls, or calls to former clients to just check in. You can join a local business group, a neighborhood association or a charity. Show up. Meet people. Pass out business cards. Offer advice.

In between those personal points of contact, there are some great ways to keep reaching out to larger groups. Below are some cheap or free ways to do so. This is meant to be “part two” to an earlier post containing a small business marketing basics checklist. Continue reading

Free webinar on maximizing your business website tomorrow

December 13 @ 3pm – “Using Your Website to Grow Your Business” free webinar from Boston Logic taught by Colleen Barry.

Tomorrow’s free webinar with Boston Logic will focus on real estate companies’ websites. I will be touching on how to generate new leads, convert current leads, recruit new agents and retain current agents. All of these things can be done with a good website and a plan. This helps to improve your online ROI and make a more efficient use of your time.

With nine years of experience in real estate marketing, I have seen a dramatic shift in the real estate industry. I understand the demands placed on companies, owners, agents and their clients. My goal is to bring those concerns together with available technology to improve client-agent-company relationships.

Contact me to learn how to start marketing your business now.

Teaching as a marketing endeavor – 10 steps to offering a successful class

teaching as a marketing endeavorYou read the title of this and thought, “What? How can I use teaching as a marketing endeavor?” Well, I’ll tell you: You, as a professional in your industry, have skills and knowledge that others would like to have. By sharing those skills or that knowledge, you can connect with new people or deepen your connection to current clients. Here are some examples of how to do that: