Suffolk University presentation on Social Media

Today I was honored to give a presentation on Social Media to several clubs at Suffolk University in Boston. These students had great questions and offered very interesting insight into the changing trends online.

For those who attended, this is the Prezi that I used. I hope you enjoy! I also have a blog on  presentation ideas.


Video work: A Fine Video about a Fine Artist

I was so lucky this week to have some amazing projects come my way. This one with Asia Kepka about the work of painter, Daphne Confar, was inspiring and a great experience. I look forward to our next project. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy this piece.

Daphne Confar – New Paintings from asia Kepka on Vimeo.

…but how do I find the time for social media?

social media time saver

…but how do I find the time for social media?

Week in and week out, this is the refrain I hear from my clients. They wonder aloud how they will find the time throughout their busy days to post. Some even wonder how important it is to have a social media presence. In this post, hope to answer both of those questions and even offer a few tips.

Time-Saving Social Media Strategy

My client’s social media accounts look as though I am posting several times a day, each day of the week – including weekends. Some weeks, I post over 50 updates! So, how do I do it and still manage to meet with 15 clients per week and build websites and such? I use Hootsuite, a social media dashboard. For some of you, this terminology is new. A “dashboard” is a page that shows all of the activities in one place. With Hootsuite, I can see all of my clients social media accounts (except for Pinterest). Then I can make posts and schedule them in advance. Therefore, if I sit down for a few hours, I can set posts to run throughout the week. I would say it takes about an hour, per client, per week. Then, I schedule a few mornings or evenings to go in and “be social” — I will, as my client, comment on others’ posts. This is the best system I have seen so far and one that has generated success for my clients.

Is social media really necessary?

I wasn’t really sure how important social media was until I experimented for myself. While working for a major metropolitan real estate office (and seeing that my agents weren’t using Facebook) I decided to post a few of the company videos to my Facebook page. In the space of two weeks, I generated two leads. Because I was not an agent, I gave them to  my agents. Since then, as I check Google Analytics to monitor the performance of my clients’ websites, I notice that Facebook is consistently the top referring site. So, yes. Social media is important.

My next post will be about creating a winning social media strategy.

**An earlier version of this post incorrectly noted that Google+ wasn’t available in Hootsuite. It is indeed part of their great system. I stand corrected (technically, I SIT corrected.)

24 Tasks completed with iPhone apps

24 tasks with iphone appsSo, you spent between $99 and $299 on an iPhone. I bet you want to get your money’s worth. I know I do. With my iPhone, I have…

  1. taken photos – The most fun camera apps are Hipstamatic and Photosynth by Microsoft. Now I know you are thinking, “Microsoft made an iPhone app??? and it’s COOL???” You need to see it to believe it.
  2. edited photos – PS (Photoshop) Express is pretty darn neat.
  3. created and edited videos – You can use the iMovie to get fancy or the native camera app just to shorten videos.
  4. blogged, tweeted and facebooked – I love WordPress. But, the native apps for Twitter and Facebook are also very good.
  5. dictated a document – Dragon dictation software can allow you to blog or compose emails while you do the dishes or dust (not vacuuming – that is too noisy). I love multitasking.
  6. shared word processing files – Google Apps is part of the Google app (say that 5 times really fast). You can create or share files from your Apps account.
  7. checked the weather in Reykjavik – I like the native Weather app for international or national weather (different cities) and the app for my local weather. Continue reading

Fun Friday: Make a neat infographic of your social media activity

twitter infographic from visual.lyIf you have seen the infographics that have been used to illustrate stories in Wired, Fast Company or other sites, you’ve probably thought… “Hey – how’d they do that?” Well, it is simple, thanks to Peruse some of the neat infographics here.

Go to, click on create and select the type and style you like. Then punch in your login info and VOILA! Can you think of a more visually engaging way to show social media activity?

This is so cool, I may or may not have gone overboard the other night… (ie. I was on it for an hour or so…) I have to admit it: I am in love!

There is more! makes word-cloud infographics. See below…

tagxedo infographics