Video work: A Fine Video about a Fine Artist

I was so lucky this week to have some amazing projects come my way. This one with Asia Kepka about the work of painter, Daphne Confar, was inspiring and a great experience. I look forward to our next project. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy this piece.

Daphne Confar – New Paintings from asia Kepka on Vimeo.


Fun Friday: Make a neat infographic of your social media activity

twitter infographic from visual.lyIf you have seen the infographics that have been used to illustrate stories in Wired, Fast Company or other sites, you’ve probably thought… “Hey – how’d they do that?” Well, it is simple, thanks to Peruse some of the neat infographics here.

Go to, click on create and select the type and style you like. Then punch in your login info and VOILA! Can you think of a more visually engaging way to show social media activity?

This is so cool, I may or may not have gone overboard the other night… (ie. I was on it for an hour or so…) I have to admit it: I am in love!

There is more! makes word-cloud infographics. See below…

tagxedo infographics

Fun Friday: Lego ads that “pixelate” to create

I loved Legos as a child. My cousins, brother and I would play with them non-stop. So, when I saw these very creative ads I was tickled. The most interesting thing is that the Legos here remind me of computer pixels – ever try to blow up a small photo only to see it turn into blocks of color (no longer decipherable as the image)? Well, see if you can identify these Lego characters. I chose the ones that were most recognizable to me…

lego ad the simpsons Continue reading

Fun Friday: The Dog Who Loved Cheerios

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The Dog Who Loved Cheerios by Cami Johnson

My friend Cami Johnson is a brilliant photographer. She published a book of her photographs a few years ago and every time I read it, I smile. A classically trained photographer, Cami now owns a dog walking business – it is not just any old dog walking service though. She takes wonderful photos of these dogs as they play at the park or snuggle on the couch. Her clients (the owners, not the dogs) can see these photos as Facebook updates. I am all but certain that this makes them jealous of their own pets.

I highly recommend that you get a copy of this book. It is going to make you smile.