24 Tasks completed with iPhone apps

24 tasks with iphone appsSo, you spent between $99 and $299 on an iPhone. I bet you want to get your money’s worth. I know I do. With my iPhone, I have…

  1. taken photos – The most fun camera apps are Hipstamatic and Photosynth by Microsoft. Now I know you are thinking, “Microsoft made an iPhone app??? and it’s COOL???” You need to see it to believe it.
  2. edited photos – PS (Photoshop) Express is pretty darn neat.
  3. created and edited videos – You can use the iMovie to get fancy or the native camera app just to shorten videos.
  4. blogged, tweeted and facebooked – I love WordPress. But, the native apps for Twitter and Facebook are also very good.
  5. dictated a document – Dragon dictation software can allow you to blog or compose emails while you do the dishes or dust (not vacuuming – that is too noisy). I love multitasking.
  6. shared word processing files – Google Apps is part of the Google app (say that 5 times really fast). You can create or share files from your Apps account.
  7. checked the weather in Reykjavik – I like the native Weather app for international or national weather (different cities) and the Weather.com app for my local weather.
  8. managed multiple client’s social media accounts – I use Hootsuite for this and have found it to be fairly user-friendly. But, chances are, if you are managing client accounts, you are fairly tech-savvy to begin with…
  9. practiced my drawing skills – I think Sketchbook is so neat!
  10. listened to live radio and stored podcasts – I use the Radio.com, Public Radio and Stitcher apps. They cover me no matter what mood I am in for news. For music, I like Pandora – it is smart enough to play similar music to what I want to hear.
  11. listened to my own music – iTunes is still my favorite for his.
  12. recorded interviews – The native Voice Memos app works perfectly well.
  13. tuned my guitar – Cleartune does a very nice job and I no longer need to remember my tuner when I bring my guitar to a friend’s place.
  14. composed music – Nano Studio is a lot of fun to experiment with.
  15. attended a desktop sharing meeting – GoToMeeting and JoinMe both have apps for this. JoinMe is FREE!
  16. checked flight statuses – TripTracker has worked for me on 6 or 7 trips. It is also great if you are picking someone up at the airport.
  17. paid bills – These apps are offered by the billing companies.
  18. watched TV shows and movies – Even with all of the missteps they made in 2011, I still really like Netflix. Since I don’t have cable, this is how I watch movies.
  19. reviewed restaurants – I like UrbanSpoon. Others prefer Yelp.
  20. made restaurant reservations – OpenTable has been good to me. And they send you reminders via email.
  21. converted currencies – GlobeMaster can do several currencies and can be very helpful.
  22. navigated trips – The native Maps app is great – though it doesn’t speak to you with turn-by-turn directions.
  23. searched for real estate – There are several – I like the SIR Mobile app and the Trulia app. Both do a nice job of giving photos and descriptions of local properties (using your phone’s gps).
  24. video conferenced – Love that Facetime… alright, it wasn’t exactly a video conference. It was a call to my mother.

Please keep in mind that many apps require a network connection to transmit data. Be sure you understand what your usage fees are before you use them abroad (or at home, for that matter). I got an unpleasant surprise from AT&T when I didn’t see the fine print located on a second page… Not nice.


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