Facebook IPO, timeline, subscribers and privacy

Facebook IPO, timeline and subscribersFacebook has been in the news lately. Just in case you hadn’t heard, Zuckerberg is taking Facebook from private to public. He hopes the IPO will raise $5 billion. Several experts are saying that is a conservative figure.

Nevertheless, the IPO isn’t the only thing that has changed at Facebook lately. For those of you who don’t speak “nerd”, let me offer a brief recap:

What is Facebook Timeline?

Timeline is the name for the new Facebook format. It is named that because it is the newest items at the top and the oldest at the bottom following down a chronological line (you can literally go to your birth!) It has a large image at the top with your headshot as an inset – it seems to be inspired by traditional blog design. I think it looks nice and is a bit more photo-centric. In a day and age where we all have good quality point-and-shoot cameras as part of our cell phones, I think making photos more “front and center” is a nice feature. But, the new format has some people peeved. There are, as always, privacy concerns coming up. If you are worried about your privacy on Facebook, here are a few recommendations:

  1. Don’t post anything anywhere online that you wouldn’t want everyone to see. Why that may seem a bit extreme, there is always the possibility that a technical glitch or a new feature could change who can see what. Also, never underestimate the longevity of your posts. You may say or share something in a passing moment that will now be online for ever and ever… Don’t be frightened off. Just exercise a little discretion and ask yourself before you hit that “share” button… “would I shout or show this to everyone at a business party?”
  2. Go to the upper right hand corner of Facebook while you are logged in and click on “Privacy Settings”. See how each selection is set. Think about how you want the public to view your information (if at all). Remember to look at the “tagging” settings. This is what allows someone to let everyone know you are in a photo or mentioned in a post.
  3. See what the general public sees. Log out of Facebook. Then google your name and Facebook. You should be able to find yourself fairly quickly. What you see there is what the general public will see.

What is this new Subscriber feature on Facebook?

Facebook started allowing subscribers several months ago. This is a great feature for someone who’s business or brand IS their name. Rather than having to create a business page, they can simply allow subscribers to their regular Facebook account – this is a limitless group of followers that doesn’t require the normal approval process that the friending feature does. It also means that they can update their status on mobile devices (which only allow you to post as your personal account and not as your business page). However, business pages allow you to track activity on your page that a subscriber-ready personal account does not. You also cannot purchase Facebook ads that direct to a personal account.

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