Taking your business marketing to the next level

When marketing your business, it is important to use persistance, patience and personal contact. I cannot emphasize the personal part enough. You can use every new marketing tool – wrap yourself in electronics, sending signals at every moment – and you will not generate the activity that you would by talking with people every week. These can be cold calls, or calls to former clients to just check in. You can join a local business group, a neighborhood association or a charity. Show up. Meet people. Pass out business cards. Offer advice.

In between those personal points of contact, there are some great ways to keep reaching out to larger groups. Below are some cheap or free ways to do so. This is meant to be “part two” to an earlier post containing a small business marketing basics checklist.

Taking Your Business’s Marketing to the Next Level

  • Send out an enewsletter monthly – FREE for the first 2000 addresses with MailChimp.
  • Create a “like gate” or “landing tab” for your Facebook fanpage – FREE. Then ask your Facebook friends to “like” your page. Social media is a great free tool. Be sure to use it wisely – be professional, social and helpful. Act like it is a “business social”. Comment on others’ posts. Ask questions. Have fun!
  • Send out direct mailers bi-monthly – depends on size and quantity. Expect about $50-75 for 100 mailers.
  • Create a blog – FREE with Blogger or WordPress. This should actually reside on your website, if at all possible. If not, it is still a good idea to create one so that you offer helpful updates regularly. Use this blog as a guide.
  • Create a Google Adwords account – this can be set to the budget of your choosing. Keywords should be chosen to reflect two things: your most popular products/services and your most unique products/services. Be specific and have each ad point to specific page on your website that reflects that keyword.
  • Send out thank you cards – this is a courteous and thoughtful way to keep in touch with your clients.
  • Host events – these can be learning opportunities, networking gatherings, celebrations, ways to feature partner businesses, etc. The idea is to make contact with people. I have a quick guide to help you plan a class.
  • Call or visit with people who might be able to use your services – offer professional advice without hesitation (provided you can do so safely and soundly – don’t offer anything that will get you in legal hot water). Be a resource. If you are helpful, they will want to spend their money with you.

For more information about how to market your business, contact me here.


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