How and why to make Facebook welcome tabs and like gates

facebook welcome tabOK. So, you have noticed that when you go to some Facebook fanpages, you see something that doesn’t look like the “wall”. And you are wondering, “why can’t I make my page look like that?” This is a quick summary of Facebook welcome tabs or landing pages, and like gates.

  • What is a welcome tab or landing page? If you have a fanpage (not just a regular Facebook personal page) you can add apps that will allow you to create tabs. Then you can select “edit page”, “manage permissions”, and “default landing tab” to make users land on that first. That landing page or welcome tab can ask people to like the page and/or can share info consistently (regardless of what is your most recent post.)
  • What is a like gate? A like gate is a landing tab that requires the visitor to “like” the page before they can see the content.
  • Who can use them? Only fanpages can have these. If you have just a personal Facebook account, you will NOT be able to add tabs. Read more here to make a fanpage. If you are NOT using Facebook for your business, what are you waiting for?
  • Why use a welcome page or like gate? You may have noticed that, even though you ask your many friends to “like” your fanpage in a personal status update, they just like your status update instead of hitting the “like” button on the page. I tend to think this is not because they don’t actually like the page, but because they don’t understand how it works. A welcome page that draws your attention to the like button or a like gate does that for you – it makes the goal very clear.
  • What are some free services? There used to be something called FBML for this – it is no longer available. However, there are some other free ways to do this. Please note that these apps change fairly regularly. Also, keep in mind that free apps tend to display their logo prominently. Here are two that I have used:
    • Wildfire: They offer a free app that allows you to make a like gate using iFrames. The page design would be done in html if you wanted to make it have a custom look.
    • Pagemodo: This free app allows you to make a welcome page (the like gate portion of this service costs money) and choose from among their really nice templates. It is fairly simple to use and looks sharp.
  • How do I add one of those? Go to the app’s fanpage on Facebook, “like” the page, and install the app (the names of the two services I listed above are links to their fanpages). After that, it will ask you a series of questions – those apps try to make it as simple as possible. Lastly, you need to “use facebook as page”, select “edit page”, “manage permissions”, and “default landing tab” to make users land on that tab first.

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7 thoughts on “How and why to make Facebook welcome tabs and like gates

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  3. Thanks Colleen, your post was exactly what I was looking for. I tried out both of those suggested services and opted for Pagemodo as well in the end.
    They had some great templates in the free version, and set up was a wheeze – though I would have liked the likegate, for today I’m happy and it’s half an hour well spent.
    If you want to see the results, our page is at
    Have a good one, Alex

    • Hi! Yes. That is probably because you have “liked” your own page – a necessity for a page admin. Therefore, you will see it like someone who has already liked it. These landing tabs are geared toward people who haven’t yet liked it.

      Reply to this with your facebook page address and I will post a screenshot of what I see.

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