How about a simple Thank You? Thank You notes are good marketing.

Thank you card from Goosefish PressI received an envelope in the mail today. When I opened it, there was a Thank You card inside. The message inside was from the salesman I dealt with at Hunt’s Camera when I bought my video dslr. The opening line was, “Your business is important to us at Hunt’s Photo.” Well, I believe it.

It took that salesman about 5 minutes and cost him probably $2 (including postage) to send that card to me. But, it made an impression. It was a thoughtful gesture. (And I am now telling you about this – acting as a talking billboard for them.)

While Hunt’s was probably started as a “retail” company, it is clear to me that they see themselves as a “service” company. The salesman didn’t try to up-sell anything to me – he even advised me against overspending on an item. In the end, I got what I needed and I would definitely go back again. This is very different from what might have happened if I just bought online to try to save money – I might not have gotten what I needed and sometimes that means overspending in the long run.

Think about the simple, thoughtful gestures in your everyday business activity. Think about yourself and your business as a “service” business, regardless of what product you offer. That can be the differentiating factor that drives more clients to you.

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