Fun Friday: Can humor be part of your marketing?

hubspot humorIf you are a funny person, why not include humor in your marketing? Well, you have to make sure you do it well. Not every business benefits from humor and you’d want to be careful not to devalue your brand or service with humor. But there are a few that do it well. Take a look at these 3 companies…

  1. Hubspot – When you use Hubspot’s free graders (for websites, social media, etc) you see funny quotes while you wait. I think this works because a. the company is full of youthful energy, b. it is done as you are waiting (which is normally boring), c. it is witty and never offensive.
  2. MailChimp – MailChimp injects humor into your email marketing campaigns — unless you put it in what they call “party pooper mode“. Even THAT is funny. See below for an example of their silliness. The nice thing here is that you can also turn it off. I like their humor. However, I turn it off for many of my client’s emails.
  3. Google – As I detailed in our last Fun Friday, Google has a lot of humor and wit in what they do. Another example is in their annual April Fools Day joke. Each year they have a great deal of fun with it and the humor is simply contagious, as many readers share it with friends. It is critical to note that their humor never gets in the way of doing what they do well – google search, gmail and google +, for instance, are never interrupted.

mailchimp humor

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