5 Free cloud storage options for file transfer or back-up

cloud storage optionsHow many times have you wanted to send a large document or photo to a client, colleague or friend, only to be stopped by your email size limit or theirs? Or how many times have you lost or broken or crashed your computer and lost all of the files? Well, there are several free services that allow you to transfer files or store your information online without running into the same problems. Here are 5 services you can try:

  1. Google docs – 25 GB free (combined between docs and gmail). I’ve been using Google Docs for years. This is so cool because not only can you store things, but you can collaborate with other users on documents online without needing software.
  2. Amazon Cloud Drive – 5 GB free. Music storage available. This is the first big push toward taking cloud storage to the next level. Some mobile devices allow you to use your data service to play music right off of the Cloud Drive, too.
  3. Apple iCloud – 5 GB free. This is for Apple users. It is really new, but look for Apple to change how most users use their mobile devices. This will probably improve on what Amazon is doing with the Cloud Drive.
  4. Dropbox.com – 2 GB free. This is a neat service that creates a folder on your computer in which you can store files. That folder syncs with their cloud storage. Within that folder, you can create others and share them with individuals. If you invite others and they join, Dropbox will increase your storage limit.
  5. YouSendIt.com – 2 GB of storage or 50 MB file transfers free. This service allows you to send large files via a platform called file transfer protocol (FTP). It actually uses the same system that people use to host/upload website files to hosting companies. Your recipient gets an email with a link to download the files.

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6 thoughts on “5 Free cloud storage options for file transfer or back-up

  1. I love how Dropbox seamlessly integrates right into your operating system. It behaves just like a normal folder on your computer. But you can’t beat Amazon’s business model. You get 5 GB free, but if you buy an album on Amazon your storage space is quadrupled at no additional cost.

  2. Thanks, Colleen! I’m always losing track of which school files are on my home computer or my office computer and wishing I had everything in one place. I’ve heard that there might be privacy concerns with Google Docs because the documents are never completely deleted. Is that true?

    • Great question! There are always security concerns with third party servers or services – even our email systems. If you have privacy/security concerns for your documents (especially for counselors, doctors, attorneys), you should invest in a more secure system. For some professions, there are very strict rules about how you are allowed to store data. But, for me and most of the people I know, the documents are not of a sensitive nature and can be store with confidence on any of the systems above.

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