Can you name 5 things missing from new sales and marketing technologies?

sales and marketing techniquesI once sat down with a client – a very smart guy with wonderful work ethic and great customer service skills – to talk about what he was missing in his marketing efforts. He had a great website, his own app, a very active blog and social media schedule, email blasts, print ads… He had it all!


He was missing some of the traditional sales and marketing techniques that have worked for centuries. Is social media important? Yes. Is a great website important? Absolutely. But, can you do all those things without making in-person connections? No. Many sales people can improve their businesses by going back to basics. A few ways you can do that is by being part of a local trade organization, business club (like a rotary club), neighborhood association or a charity. Meet people in person.

Here are five things missing in today’s new marketing technologies:

  1. Conversational flow – There is nothing like speaking with someone and connecting with them on a personal level. You have the opportunity to take the topic you began with and let it flow toward other topics naturally.
  2. Body language – So much of who we are and how we feel is communicated by our stance, posture, hand movements and eyes.
  3. Tone of voice – A person’s tone can reveal anxieties, fears or concerns that you might be able to address in person. A conversation that begins lightly could become serious quickly and we can best tell that through physical/vocal cues.
  4. Accountability or trust – There is a level of anonymity in our electronic interactions that betray the simple social contract of an in-person promise. It is much easier to trust someone that you have met.
  5. Handshake – It is amazing to me how many people overlook the importance of a good handshake. This is a quick guide to doing it properly:
    1. Square your stance – make your shoulders face his/hers.
    2. Take his/her hand – strongly, but not like you are trying to squeeze a lemon.
    3. Look them in the eye and smile – it needs to be clear that you are confident. Eye contact is the quickest way to do so.
    4. Make sure you remember his/her name – repeat it once to help. Don’t say it in almost every sentence. That can feel weird to the other person.

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