Is there a professional-looking free email service?

free professional-looking email serviceThat’s right — this post is about using a professional-looking email address and finding a reliable company that offers it for free. You might ask why this is important: Your email address is a part of your business’s marketing. It should communicate your brand. If it looks unprofessional, so does its user.

I hear a lot of horror stories about small business owners or individual business people buying expensive and unreliable email service so that their email address can match their company URL (a URL is a website’s address). Or I see it the other way which is even worse: their name (or even worse, their nickname — think “Big Bob” or “Lefty” or something like that). Not exactly confidence inspiring…

If you only need ten or fewer email addresses, you can set up a free Google Apps account for email (reflecting your company’s URL), Google Docs, Google Sites and more. I use it for mine and I really like it.

If you are not tech savvy, the only challenge may be getting your chosen URL to correctly point to the Google Apps account. (If you know what an MX record is, you should be okay.) You can find out if your website designer or website service provider can do that minor redirection for you. It should only take them 15 minutes.

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