What do I post on my social media sites? Learn 5 ways to create dynamic social media content

How to create dynamic social media contentSo you have successfully signed up for Facebook, Twitter, a blog or other social media accounts. Now what do you post? Creating dynamic social media content isn’t as hard as you might think. And it might only take you 5-15 minutes per day. The most important thing is to BE SOCIAL.

What not to do:
We know that megaphone-style posts do not tend to engage your followers or create new ones (read my post about how to use social media for your business). They can even turn people off because it is not good social behavior. Imagine being next to someone at a party who just talks about their business or recent news without ever asking questions – you would make a beeline for the door.


What do do:
Instead, think about what might get people thinking or responding.
  1. Posting questions is a great way to generate response. If you are a real estate agent you might ask, “What feature of your home attracted you the most? Was it the yard or the fireplace or the kitchen, or something else entirely?” Then you might highlight a property that offers that feature the following day. If you own a restaurant you might ask, “What is your favorite cold weather soup?” Then you might add that soup to your menu.
  2. Poll questions are catching on and seem to have become popular on Facebook. They have become nearly viral as your answering a poll might be seen in your friends’ news feeds. If you are a landscape designer or you own a nursery perhaps you could ask, “What is your favorite flower to plant this time of year?” and list options. You could then offer a special sale on that plant.
  3. News updates can still be helpful. But try asking a question about or giving context to a story. A free service that can help you stay on top of what is happening is offered by GoogleGoogle News Alerts can deliver news updates to you once a day, once a week or as they happen. Just punch in the keyword or keywords on the topic of your choosing and select the frequency you desire. Recommended topics might be your local town name, your industry type, industry-leading companies, seasonal information, etc.
  4. Post photos and videos to your social media sites. People like to look at photos and videos – some statistics show that websites with videos have three times the engagement of sites that don’t have video.
  5. Answer and like responses to your posts. You took the time to ask the question — they rewarded you with an answer. They took the time to answer — reward them with a response.

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