marketing your business

All of us are marketers.

When you talk to a client you are marketing yourself. When you create a mailer you are marketing yourself. When you send an email you are marketing yourself. Any time you attach your name or face to something you are doing you are telling the world “this is what I am about.”

If you own your own business, this is important to understand. It means that each thing you do is an opportunity to grow your business. In this digital era we have more opportunities than ever to reach out to our friends, our colleagues, our clients and to clients we haven’t met yet.

If you wish to grow your business it is important to think about… 1. who are your clients, 2. where can you reach them, and 3. how can you best engage them. This is what I help business owners do.

Then, be sure you are using all the tools at your disposal like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, a website, a blog, PR, ad buys, signage and more.

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